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Advice and actions to improve performance of corporate legal teams and law firms worldwide.

Recent Engagements

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Strategy to help a corporate legal team transform for 2020

The General Counsel of a Fortune 500 legal function retained us to help develop and communicate their plan. The team wanted to clarify a vision for Legal, aligned with corporate growth strategy. The GC also wanted to compare the legal function’s practices and performance vs. other best-in-class companies. We led a detailed benchmark. We captured info from Select multinationals on their use of IT tools, law firm Management, alternative sourcing, governance, budgeting and professional development. That data drove the strategy for Legal’s transformation.


Helping legal leaders better advise in uncertain times

After the June 2016 UK referendum, General Counsel on both sides of the Atlantic asked us to organize a Brexit working group to exchange plans and questions on how to best understand the impact and prepare. A global law firm partnered with us on 3 roundtable events for Global Counsel Leaders Circle members and guests. In London, Brussels and New York, we met to discuss actions to take for Brexit, for companies based in the UK, US, Europe and beyond. In-house legal and compliance execs participated from 10 countries. ELD International wrote and published 3 articles to share insights from the discussions.

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Client insight to drive client service and marketing wins

A global firm enlisted us to help spur their lawyers’ business development success. We worked with cross-border groups in the firm’s Europe offices to improve how they use client intelligence and communications to build more rewarding practices. Leigh Dance led a program using information on on buyer needs from our Global Counsel Leaders research. Through exercises, we guided lawyers in practicing how to use the information to provide better client service and engage clients in more productive, meaningful conversations.



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ELD International LLC is led by E. Leigh Dance, who has worked with both corporate legal and compliance functions and global law firms for more than 20 years to help them perform better, faster. Leigh (pronounced Lee) has completed projects for clients in more than 30 countries on all continents. She is known in legal and business circles as a skilled strategist, thought leader, project manager, global networker and moderator. Since 1995 Leigh has lived and worked from bases in New York, Rome and Brussels. She speaks English, French and Italian. Leigh is founder and executive director of Global Counsel Leaders, including its elite Leaders Circle membership group. She began working with lawyers early in her career when she led Marketing of US Consumer Investment Products for Chase, after several global assignments with the bank. Click here for full profile.

Global Counsel Leaders is the part of ELD International that helps in-house, corporate legal and compliance leaders to manage and sustain change and achieve high performance. We produce events, research, white papers and advise clients on projects related to their objectives. Clients often work with us to:
  • develop a central strategy for the Legal function
  • implement an effective communications plan
  • measure performance and show contribution to the business
In 2010 we founded the Global Counsel Leaders Circle, an invitation-only, elite membership group of talented legal and compliance chiefs in larger multinational companies and institutions. We tailor Leaders Circle programs to needs of members based in 13 countries across 3 continents. Read More


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