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Leigh Dance has written, published and spoken extensively on many aspects of global legal services, at major global conferences and in business and legal industry publications worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal. Contact us if you would like to get the list our dozens of published articles-- we can provide PDFs on request.

Dance is author of Bright Ideas:  Insights from Legal Luminaries Worldwide, published by Mill City Press and available on Amazon.  Bright Ideas is a compilation of 23 original essays by leaders and influencers around the world.

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Lead and Sustain Change Through Communications: 10 Tips

This GLOBAL IN-HOUSE column is the first of a three-part series exploring how in-house leaders can bring change and disruption. It kicks off with a discussion on Communications, the element that many in-house leaders find crucial to leading sustained positive change.  By E. Leigh Dance, November 28, 2017

Lead and Sustain Change with a Strategy: 8 Tips

This GLOBAL IN-HOUSE column in Corporate Counsel is the second in a three-part series exploring how in-house leaders can bring change and disruption.  It focuses on practical tips to manage change in your legal function through strategy. By E. Leigh Dance, December 7, 2017

Lead and Sustain Change by Demonstrating Performance: 8 Tips

This GLOBAL IN-HOUSE column Corporate Counsel is the third of a series, addressing the next step in leading and sustaining change in your legal function.  To inspire your team and your stakeholders to embrace change and support new initiatives, you must demonstrate performance.  Here’s how to make it happen.  By E. Leigh Dance, January 18, 2018


A Perfect Global Storm: In-House Leaders See Rough Waters, Similar Changes

This winter and spring I've spent many hours poring over responses to 57 benchmarking questions. The respondents are legal and compliance heads in large global organizations based in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  Six initial conclusions of our 2017 Global Counsel Leaders Circle benchmark.  Global In-House column, Corporate Counsel, by E. Leigh Dance, April 13, 2017

Improve Your Marketing and BD: Respond to Top Stressors of Global Legal/Compliance Clients

The Global Counsel Leaders Circle 2017 Benchmark involved legal and compliance heads in large global organisations – mostly listed – who wanted to know what other premier companies are doing in various areas of legal / compliance services. Rather than involve hundreds of respondents, this benchmark responds to our Global Counsel Leaders Circle members’ request: to have valued, in-depth qualitative information from trusted peers. The benchmark helps guide their decisions and actions to improve performance.

A World of Evolving Competencies for General Counsel

Expectations of today’s general counsel have expanded and elevated the job. Many global legal chiefs have reached the summit because they possess many of the nonlegal competencies required today. Midlevel in-house counsel who aspire to a legal chief role must develop these competencies.  Global In-House column, Corporate Counsel, by E. Leigh Dance, February 16, 2017. 


No-Deal Brexit: Where Are Your Contingency Plans? Diverse Approaches and a Helpful Checklist

When we gathered General Counsel from 18 global companies around a table in London to talk Brexit plans a few weeks ago, the group took no time to zone in on their top two interests. Their first goal was to find out …


Global In-House: How to Make Your Case for Legal Operations Support

Corporate Legal Operations Consortium’s annual gig kicks off in Vegas next week, with more than double last year’s big crowd. This global in-house column explores why the legal ops role makes sense for companies headquartered worldwide, with bonus tips from the pros on how you can make it happen.


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