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Leigh Dance has written, published and spoken extensively on many aspects of global legal services, at major global conferences and in business and legal industry publications worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal.  Click here for our extensive archive of past (we believe still insightful!) published articles.

Dance is author of Bright Ideas:  Insights from Legal Luminaries Worldwide, published by Mill City Press and available on Amazon.  Bright Ideas is a compilation of 23 original essays by leaders and influencers around the world.

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What Your Clients Are Reading

I keep an eye out for well-written, succinct communications from law firms and other providers on issues that may be important to senior corporate counsel internationally.  Here are a few well-done recent pieces I’ve found and shared with my network.  Please pass along others you recommend.  Links are provided in this post. Clifford Chance’s Global Risk Report:  View from the top, a board-level perspective on current business risksan excellent initiative that includes a report you can download, a video, webinar, etc.

An impressive initiative that takes a Board-level view of risk.  Assuming methodology is strong, good to see info in 6 key industries: banks, consumer goods & retail, healthcare, industrials, mining & metals, oil & gas, TMT.


Taylor Wessing’s Predictions 2005, to download – focused mostly on technology and media, for various industries

Gazing into the tech crystal ball: TMC Predictions for 2015 Graham Hann predicts some key trends in tech and media for 2015.

Predictions for Copyright in 2015 Mark Owen looks at the new European Commission's plans for reforming copyright over the next year.

Looking ahead to the data protection trends in 2015 Sally Annereau looks at some trends likely to dominate in 2015 and the data protection issues these may throw up.

Financial Services – predictions 2015 Jonathan Rogers and Alix Prentice give their views on some of the ways regulation may help FinTech innovation in 2015.

The expanding role of data protection on media content Tim Pinto and Suzy Shinner predict that data protection claims in media cases will increase.

Optic Fibre - the new gold rush Tracey Sheehan looks at the increasing demand for digital infrastructure needed to realise the potential of the digital economy.


DLA’s Doing Business Across Borders – on their site in Insights section, in separate short blurbs that nicely summarize news they are reporting on, in a wide range of jurisdictions and practices.

Business law is never static in any jurisdiction. We report on the changing approaches many governments are taking toward companies operating within their borders. Examples from late Nov 2014, links are on titles:

China’s new Intellectual Property Courts: the wait is finally over This pilot campaign will set up Intellectual Property Courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

OECD proposes curtailing use of commissionaire and other arrangements that aim to avoid PE status - 14 possible changes to the definition of a PE under Article 5 of the OECD Model Tax Convention

Monitoring Swiss tax developments - Part II: a positive view on the Swiss tax regime - Switzerland is likely to remain a viable alternative as companies evaluate current and future operational and tax optimization structures

Higher FCPA risks for mergers and acquisitions? Opinion Release 14-02 and your growing business – three steps  - Important insight to companies conducting M&A around the world while raising questions about whether DOJ is expanding its view of how the FCPA applies to those transactions


What is the “single digital economy”?  Coherent Nov 2014 speech to Euro Parliament provides insight on this trendy term.  Could it maybe hatch potential for a single legal system in the world, or at least some streamlining?

Why the EU needs a Digital Single Market: Speech by Vice-President Ansip in the European Parliament plenary session, Strasbourg, 26 November 2014