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Leigh Dance has written, published and spoken extensively on many aspects of global legal services, at major global conferences and in business and legal industry publications worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal.  Click here for our extensive archive of past (we believe still insightful!) published articles.

Dance is author of Bright Ideas:  Insights from Legal Luminaries Worldwide, published by Mill City Press and available on Amazon.  Bright Ideas is a compilation of 23 original essays by leaders and influencers around the world.

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5 Visions of Legal Services 5 to 10 Years in the Future, Part 1

As seen in ALM's  CorpCounselLogo By E. Leigh Dance       June 29, 2015

Five diverse players in the global legal services industry, from Brussels, Chicago, Greensboro, San Francisco and Shanghai, got together in New York in June to discuss the future of legal services. A relatively unclear vision of the future and an expectation of multiple changes (with cost and technology at the forefront) marks the view of most of the 110+ corporate counsel from around the world who were polled at the discussion’s start. What follows are summaries of five distinct perspectives of the next 5-10 years in global legal services, from a legal start-up CEO, a European multinational company (MNC) group general counsel, the leader of an 850-lawyer firm, a former Asia regional GC for MNCs and current legal advisor, and a global legal services management consultant.

Speakers include Global Counsel Leaders Circle member, Alexia Henriksen, (Senior Vice President and Global General Counsel, Volvo Financial Services), from a session at the ILO’s Global Counsel Congress in New York on June 11, 2015.

Part 2 of this article will provide 3-4 additional perspectives, provided by readers. We invite you to send your vision (max 250 words) to the author at eldance@ELDInternational.com.

The visions of the future, according to these knowledgeable professionals in their own words, can be downloaded, 5 Visions of Legal Services June 29 2015 , or found on ALM's Corporate Counsel site.