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Leigh Dance has written, published and spoken extensively on many aspects of global legal services, at major global conferences and in business and legal industry publications worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal.  Click here for our extensive archive of past (we believe still insightful!) published articles.

Dance is author of Bright Ideas:  Insights from Legal Luminaries Worldwide, published by Mill City Press and available on Amazon.  Bright Ideas is a compilation of 23 original essays by leaders and influencers around the world.

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NEW Global 50 law firm website research: How do they measure up?

I’m delighted to have assisted Content Pilot as Global Advisor on their just-released Global 50 Law Firm Websites:  How Do They Measure Up? study.  It’s a high-quality, in-depth look on the 10 key factors for firm websites to get right.

The report, available at the link below, is beautifully presented by Content Pilot leader Deborah McMurray.  It’s full of the CP expert researchers’ insights, with examples from top performing firms.  I comment on the international aspects.  The report includes my tips and tools on communicating cross-border—whether the distribution channel is a website, an event or a conversation with one of your firm’s lawyers.  Here are the initial few paragraphs of Content Pilot’s press release: 

Content Pilot LLC announced today that it has completed its 6th comprehensive analysis of the websites of the largest law firms in the world, based on Ten Foundational Best Practices. The 2016 AmLaw Global 50 law firms consist of 40 firms “headquartered” in the U.S., and ten firms in the United Kingdom.

Content Pilot researchers reviewed 70 attributes for each of the 50 websites for a total of 3,500 total attributes. Websites that launched prior to July 1, 2016 were included in the Content Pilot study. Prior Content Pilot research studies analyzed the AmLaw 100 firms – done in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2013. This is the first study and comprehensive White Paper that addresses the websites of these global powerhouse law firms.

When asked about the results, Deborah McMurray, founder and CEO of Content Pilot, and Research Director for this project said, “There are a few great innovators – firms that have taken full advantage of their recent redesigns to step out of the pack in both design and content strategies. Yet, only one firm scored “Excellent” – Morgan Lewis (www.morganlewis.com), with a score of 85.4.”