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Leigh Dance has written, published and spoken extensively on many aspects of global legal services, at major global conferences and in business and legal industry publications worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal.  Click here for our extensive archive of past (we believe still insightful!) published articles.

Dance is author of Bright Ideas:  Insights from Legal Luminaries Worldwide, published by Mill City Press and available on Amazon.  Bright Ideas is a compilation of 23 original essays by leaders and influencers around the world.

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Tips for Demonstrating the Value of Your Marketing/BD Function

At our Global Counsel Leaders Circle conference in Chicago a couple of weeks ago (www.GCLeadersCircle.org) , I presented with Tim Glassett, former GC of Hilton Hotels, on Tips for Demonstrating the Value of the In-house Legal function.   Remarkably, many of these tips make good sense for law firm marketing and BD functions—I’ve adapted a few too share with you. Actively promote the contributions of your team

  • Provide proactive advice; conduct triage sessions; be present in business meetings
  • Conduct quarterly relationship meetings with firm leaders
  • Focus on solutions: listen, scope projects, clarify expectations and debrief
  • Develop skills such as: listening, interpersonal and organization skills
  • Align objectives to business objectives & growth plan and communicate progress accordingly

Celebrate victories and broadcast accomplishments

  • Produce client newsletter, video, briefings [translated to marketing: summaries of your best recent 'productions']
  • Create awards within the firm for best marketing teammate of the year, etc.
  • Announce awards to internal clients, such as 'best use of in-house marketing support'

Increase business understanding across your team

  • Build strong understanding of business, drivers, growth objectives
  • Request regular briefings—virtual or live—from corp executives, function leaders, clients

Establish customer service standards for marketing/BD function

  • Aim for consistency of service; establish simple process to accept and agree on assignments
  • Encourage in-house team to take responsibility for their own professional development
  • Work to keep communications timely, short and clear
  • Educate people in the firm about the marketing/BD role